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meet amy.

"We are trained to fit in, assimilate, and blend in. I'm always enamored of (women) who overcome that."

-Janet Mock, author, tv host, activist-

We learn early to hide, to conform, not to make waves. We contort our Self into a million little pieces trying to please others. We wander so far away from our Self that we don't know who we are or what we want anymore. 

No wonder we feel so much dis-ease.

I'm passionate about creating a safe space to connect with yourself, to build community if you choose to, to learn to love who you are, to build a life you love. My style is holistic. I aim to help clients welcome, find compassion for, and integrate all parts in order to rebuild the whole person. I am deeply, deeply compassionate and a fierce believer in your ability to transform in anyway YOU choose.

I am a grateful member of the 12 step recovery community, 

honoring all roads to recovery.


In my spare time I am committed to exercise, nutrition,  yoga, reading, traveling, and my own personal growth.  I've worked very hard to create this life and I have had (and continue to have) wise teachers and mentors to help in my own personal transformation.  


In the words of Ram Daas, 

"we're all just walking each other home." 

Join us, won't you?

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