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meet katie.

Taking the time and effort to look at what is working and what isn’t working in your own life is a brave step toward feeling better in your own skin. Often our work together will look a lot like taking steps (some minuscule, some monumental, all equally as needed and pivotal) toward yourself and the ways you can become more fully you. Through that greater understanding (and ultimate acceptance) of self, you can feel better.


Therapy is you if you are ‘fine,’ and it’s for you if you’re fine. Therapy is for you if you are grieving, overwhelmed, lost or depressed. Therapy is for you if you are anxious, performing, spinning, or scared. Ultimately, what feels true and right is that therapy is about growing - and every single person already has what is needed within to grow. 


Exploring all of the parts of you (the parts you love, the parts you loathe, and even the ones you simply can’t acknowledge) can bring a more fulfilling experience of relationships. Perhaps  more importantly, I believe that through this exploration you can have a more fulfilling and integrated experience of yourself. I'm excited to hear from you!

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Katie Ballard S-MFT is currently pursuing clinical licensure and is under supervision with

Dr. Chris Habben, Ph.D., LMFT – MO License #2013015030

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